Mr. Gethard...confronts with a bruising and sometimes hilarious frankness his longstanding urge to pull the plug on himself..he definitely qualifies as significantly funny.
— Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
Simultaneously funny and moving...Gethard’s mild-mannered, deadpan delivery, not to mention his subject matter and general worldview, recalls Woody Allen.
— Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
Never before has anything felt so complete and so personal...Amazing!
— Danny Groner, The Huffington Post
While suicide attempts, alcoholic blackouts, and graphic stories about pharmaceutical side effects don’t seem like fodder for comedy, Gethard skillfully makes them funny without ever losing sight of the seriousness of his subject matter...he is unflinchingly honest.
— Melanie Votaw, BroadwayWorld
If there is a trend in confessional comedy to skew dark, Gethard goes full obsidian in this often hilarious eighty-minute show.
— Alexis Soloski, The New Yorker
Howlingly funny!
— Jennifer L. Pozner, The Village Voice
Masterful...This show manages to be a sad, funny, full-throttle, honest, life-giving journey.
— Martha Wade Steketee, Theater Pizzazz
Gethard is an excellent host who will make sure you have a good time.
— Margret Echeverria, Front Row Center
It’s amazing that a show about depression can be so uplifting and so damn funny, but Gethard pulls it off.
— Debra Kessler, The Interrobang